Yakima City Council

Open Agenda

2019 Small Business Saturday Proclamation 00:02:41

Downtown Rotary Club 100th anniversary 00:05:14

Royale Schneider 20 years of service to the City 00:10:19

Yakima County Development Association update 00:14:14

Appoint Greg Lighty to Charter Civil Service Comm 00:19:25

Summary of Downtown Plan Implementation Committee 00:20:06

Consent Agenda 00:22:02

Public Comment 00:25:06

Second public hearing 2020 Preliminary Budget 00:44:34

Resolution Tier II Hazardous Materials Fee 00:52:43

3rd Quarter 2019 Capital Improvement Projects 00:58:13

app related to real time shelter availability 01:10:23


Shopping Cart Options 01:11:03

amend Yakima Municipal Code re:structures in parks 01:19:00

Change of Government for the City of Yakima 01:22:16

Resolution providing for the submission to the voters of the City of Yakima, at a special election to be held therein on February 11, 2020, of a Proposition on whether the Charter of the City of Yakima should be amended to abandon and abolish the Council-Manager form of government and adopt the Mayor-Council form of government; and requesting the Yakima County Auditor to call a special election

Other Business 03:20:28