Yakima City Council

Open Agenda

Reconvene from Executive Session 00:02:02

Homeless Persons Memorial Proclamation 00:06:01

Climate Crisis proclamation 00:11:52

Kathy Coffey, Dulce Gutierrez and Carmen Mendez 00:21:48

Recognition of Councilmembers Kathy Coffey, Dulce Gutierrez and Carmen Mendez

Sue Ownby Retires after 31 years of service 00:33:25

Retirement recognition of Sue Ownby, City/County Procurement Manager for 31 years of service to the City of Yakima.

Consent Agenda 00:41:55

Question on Humane Society Contract for 2020 00:45:19

Resolution authorizing contract renewal with the Yakima Humane Society for animal control services in 2020

Public Comment 00:50:29

Transit Routes to YMCA Aquatic Center and SOZO 00:55:44

Presentation on the Yakima Transit Routes to the YMCA Aquatic Center and SOZO Sports Complex

SIED Grant for Aquatics Center 01:11:44

Resolution authorizing the Interim City Manager to execute a Supporting Investments in Economic Development (SIED) grant contract with Yakima County for the benefit of the Yakima YMCA for completed site work at the YMCA/Aquatics Center Complex

Other Business 01:22:09